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About Kristine Hughes and Victoria Hinshaw

Kristine has spent the last twenty-five years studying the life and times of Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington.  No doubt there is some medical term for this obscure condition, but she prefers to simply be known as a Wellington aficionado. Kristine is also the author of “Everyday Life In Regency and Victorian England” and has traveled the country speaking on these topics. In addition, Kristine is a seasoned Novel Explorations tour guide, having been involved in the planning of and acting as tour guide on several past tours (The Great North Road, Queen Victoria, Regency England).  Together with Victoria, Kristine is the editor of a blog called Number One London, which, not surprisingly, covers topics associated with Georgian, Regency, and Victorian England, as well as the Duke of Wellington. Nothing gives her greater pleasure than collecting Artie-facts.

Victoria has traveled to England annually since the 1980’s and has visited almost every English shire, the northern part of Wales and the southern part of Scotland. The author of twelve novels, Victoria has studied English Country Houses at Worcester College, Oxford and conducted research in the British Library, Hertfordshire County Records, University of Southampton and the Hatfield House archives. Victoria is frequently asked to speak on Jane Austen and is a card carrying member of the Jane Austen, Frances Burney, Angela Thirkell, and Dorothy L. Sayers Societies. When not pursuing scholarly studies, Victoria has been known to strike up conversations with strangers in pubs and can frequently be found lurking in St James’s Street where she seeks to gain entrance to various gentlemen’s clubs. To date, these efforts have been in vain. In her spare time, Victoria happily plays Lady Shelley to Kristine’s Mrs. Arbuthnot.

Kristine and Victoria have visited England together many times in the past and they look forward to sharing their next trip across the pond with you. Visit their blog, Number One London, at www.onelondonone.blogspot.com

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